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Lodge Road, Hollesley, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3RR

 The Sandlings Centre


We have few rules at the Sandlings Centre, but we would be grateful if all our Holiday homeowners would comply with the following.


No sub-letting is allowed. In the interests of security please advise the proprietors of visiting family or friends, the number in the group and vehicle registration numbers. Please note that tent pitching is not permitted and that the number of occupants per holiday home must not exceed the number of berths. When allowing use of your holiday home to others, please ask your guests to conform to the site rules.


Any modification or addition to caravans that will affect the external appearance of the van or plot must have prior approval of the proprietors.

Storage under caravans is not allowed.


To maintain and preserve the rural atmosphere of The Sandlings Centre no planting or gardening is allowed including the use of tubs and containers. Ball games between caravans and lodges are not permitted in the interests of maintaining a quiet environment for all to enjoy.


It is the responsibility of the individual owner to ensure that the external condition of their caravan is maintained to a standard that is appropriate to the park and to maintain an ongoing well cared for appearance.


In the interest of safety all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Dogs must not be allowed to foul the caravan areas or be allowed to annoy other visitors to The Sandlings Centre.


The storage and of course the use of Firearms and fireworks is strictly prohibited.


Planning consent and the Council Site Licence at The Sandlings Centre is for holiday use only and consequently the permitted opening dates are from 1st  March to the following 14th January. Whilst the proprietors of the Sandlings Centre take every care to ensure that the occupancy conditions of their site licence are made clear to home owners and prospective home owners, they accept no responsibility for losses which may occur as a result of anyone breaching the conditions set out in the licence.

In general personal mail addressed to individuals at the Sandlings will not be accepted.    


Holiday homeowners must have adequate insurance cover. Owners are invited to join our block insurance scheme with Thistle Insurance or alternatively obtain their own cover but proof of this must be provided.  The Sandlings Centre will not accept responsibility for any personal injury or loss or damage to property, unless it can be proved they are responsible through action or negligence for the injury or loss.


The wheeled bins provided on site are for the disposal of household waste only. Large cardboard cartons must be disposed of off site. We recommend recycling cardboard, glass, newspapers and plastic at the various council and village recycling centres available. Please do not dispose of sanitary towels and disposable nappies down the toilet as our pumping system cannot cope with them and this will result in a breakdown of the system.


Please adhere to the 5 mph limit that applies to all roadways at all times. Long-term storage of vehicles, boats and trailers is not permitted.

FIRE / ACCIDENT / EMERGENCY – Dial 999 Immediately

In the event of a fire or emergency please raise the alarm and call 999 immediately. Please alert as many occupants on site as possible and meet at Birch House. In the event of personal injury that may occur on site, please notify the proprietors of the type of injury and the cause. Please report any reasons for safety concerns. A phone is available for use at Birch House.


To protect the environment from light pollution and to conserve energy, there is no on site lighting. Holiday homeowners are advised to fit exterior lanterns to their homes to illuminate their entranceway when in residence. We also advise the use of flashlights when walking around the park at night. Please advise visitors to the Sandlings of this policy.   


It is not possible to be absolutely definitive on every detail on park rules and we would expect our owners to apply a common sense interpretation of these rules and their behaviour. They are intended to benefit all owners and provide the basis of a quiet, peaceful and pleasing environment that is sensitive to the needs of all and the surrounding countryside.


             The Sandlings Centre is a member of the British Holiday Home Parks Association