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Only travel if you are fit to do so and have not had any of the recognised symptoms of Coronavirus in the previous 14 days.

Do not visit your Holiday Home if you or anyone in your household are exhibiting any Symptoms of Coronavirus, such as High temperature, Cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell.

If you become unwell you should leave your Holiday Home and self-isolate at your home address. You may not self-isolate on the Park. You should also then arrange a Covid-19 test.

Any person who exhibits signs of Coronavirus whilst on the Park must report this to 07889 514541 or 07885 137484 immediately.


To enable Parks to re-open Parks are requested to work with the Governments track and trace system to prevent the spread of the virus.

This means that we must record details of EVERYONE on the Park at ALL times.

Before each time you travel to your Holiday Home you must inform us of when you are arriving and how long you are staying. We must have a list of everyone in your party and a contact telephone number for each person in that party.

Amended 3/7/2020

We need a contact number for the lead member of the party only.


 No Day Visitors will be allowed access to the Park.

The Holiday Home should only be used by members of the same household group or those they have built a bubble with.

No Social Gatherings with Friends, Family or other owners on the Park.

Amended 3/7/2020

You may meet outside your caravan with other owners from one other caravan (up to six people) whilst maintaining social distancing.

“Holiday use only” conditions continue to apply.

Social Distancing to be maintained at all times from other owners.

Social Distancing to be maintained at all times from Park Team Members and all Contractors.

Social Distancing must be maintained when using the waste bins.

A One-Way System will operate on the Dog walk Area. Please adhere to the new signage. The new route will go down the main drive to the Horses gate and then anti-clockwise around the paddock ending by the bin area.

There will be no third -party deliveries allowed to the Park.


It is still a requirement of your pitch licence agreement to hold a valid gas safety certificate as well as appropriate insurance cover.

All Contractors must be booked, with prior approval from the Park Team to enable us to record who is on the Park at all times.


In order to minimise contact electricity cards will no longer be available from the House. For any electric or gas requirements please call 07889514541 or 07885 137484 to make arrangements. No cash payments will be taken – all payments to be made by bank transfer.

All supplies of gas bottles or electric cards will be done subject to social distancing.

Please do not call at the House or the Office.


Local relationships are important to us all and some are understandably apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors; they will need re-assurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness.

Please respect social distancing in all contacts outside the Park.

Where possible please consider bringing supplies of food and drink from home which will reduce reliance and congestion in local shops.

Also consider that items such as soap, hand gels and gloves etc. are not readily available in the small local shops.


TIM CRANE 07889 514541

JODIE CROFT 07885 137484

Here at The Sandlings Centre we are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our owners and Team members. We are aware that this is a worrying time for many of us, and with the situation regarding COVID-19 developing daily, we will be continually reviewing and updating our policy in line with the latest Government guidelines.  This may mean that the rules and Guidance may change at short notice.